Bounty Below 0.9 (Main game completed)

The game is done! Well not entirely. The only thing missing is dungeons. The main game is fully completed now though. The Itch version will no longer be receiving updates. There may be a few balance patches and bug fixes, but once I start work on dungeons I won't be updating this version anymore. The final version with dungeons will be released on steam.


Prestige system

The more ore you've gained the more souls you'll get to spend when you ascend! All leftover souls will be converted into crystals that permanently buff your damage.

Rocks shake! (I may like this feature even more than the prestige system)


  • Rebalanced unit crits
  • Rebalanced shop
  • Rebalanced gold
  • Reduced lag surrounding ore spawning

Hope you enjoy!


Bounty Below (Windows) 40 MB
Aug 03, 2017
Bounty Below (Mac) 42 MB
Aug 03, 2017
Bounty Below (Linux) 43 MB
Aug 03, 2017

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