A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Bounty below is an idle adventure game about mining and smithing items. Take the ore from rocks you mine and forge new items to progress even faster. Recruit units to deal damage for you even while you're away! While your units are mining for you delve into the endless dungeon to gain even more ore.

Bounty below contains

  • 10 unique areas
  • Upgrade tree with 66 unlocks and 9 upgrades
  • Prestige system with 13 upgrades and 3 storage containers
  • A shop with 3 different options
  • A stats screen with 297 achievements
  • 21 units to recruit
  • 9 Main weapons for your character
  • 9 Sub weapons for your character
  • 9 Trinkets for your character
  • 2 trinkets for each unit

That's 27 items for your character and 42 items for units for a total of 69 different items!

The dungeon of bounty below is a top down twin stick rogue like. Dungeons are only playable on the steam version of the game.


Bounty Below (Windows) 40 MB
Bounty Below (Mac) 42 MB
Bounty Below (Linux) 43 MB

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when the game comes out how much will it cost? or will it be free? will there be any microtransactions?

Free with one microtransaction that's purely cosmetic to support me as a developer.

it has been one year were is the game?


I've gone a lot deeper than I was expecting when I started the dungeons. It's a much larger amount of work than I had planned. Not fully certain when I'll be done, but I'm pretty confident you won't have to wait another year.

i love your game

wheres steam?

Working on it now. Dungeons will take a while to finish, but everything else in the game is fully completed now in the itch version.


am sorry for talking of this am not enjoying in your game sorry dude....):

craft button is passive.