Bounty Below v0.4!

Welcome back everybody, glad you're still interested in my game!

I've been working harder than ever trying to get these updates out as fast as I can. Hopefully it won't be too long before the game's full release! Now what exactly is v0.4?


Stats screen

I added all the stats that came to mind, but if you feel anything is missing or out of place, let me know!

297 Achievements

Quite a lot! They aren't just for show either, they give you bonuses!

Credits screen with version history

Completely revamped crafting system


  • Hopefully made crafting easier to understand along with the revamp
  • Made pure ore upgrades better
  • You can no longer buy pure ore upgrades when they're maxed out
  • Fixed a serious bug with chest items
  • Made sure the only noises you hear when out of focus are chests dying and unit crit orbs
  • Made bosses quite a bit harder (Maybe too much?)
  • Major item balancing
  • Crit orbs have effects now
  • Fixed an ancient bug that made it seem like you were getting less ore than you were


Bounty Below (Windows) 40 MB
Jul 06, 2017
Bounty Below (Mac) 42 MB
Jul 06, 2017
Bounty Below (Linux) 42 MB
Jul 06, 2017

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